Hyper-polarization, Not Israel, is to Blame for Pro-Israel Partisanship

It is no surprise that support for Israel is becoming increasingly partisan. An array of articles floating around the media in the past couple of weeks have all pointed to a recent Pew study underlining what everyone has already noticed in the past few years. Support for Israel is rapidly decreasing on the Left, especially among younger […]

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Does Heaven Exist?

Originally posted on Jewishvaluescenter.org In its 20,000 verses, the Hebrew Bible is absolutely silent in regards to life. Bible scholars use this point to argue that the concept of Heaven wasn’t present in the setting of the Hebrew Bible. It wasn’t until contact with the Zoroastrians, a religion that heavily influenced post-biblical Judaism, that the […]

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Why Do The Jews Not Believe In Jesus?

Originally posted on Jewishvaluescenter.org “Why do the Jews not believe in Jesus?” Unsurprisingly, this is a question that I receive quite often whenever talking about religion. From college campuses to coffee shops all the way to missionaries handing out pamphlets at the bus stop, it seems that every time I divulge the fact that I […]

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The Ins and Outs of Immigration

Originally posted on Jewishvaluescenter.org Immigration. Just the word is enough to recall the state of divisiveness and controversy that is the current political reality in today’s world. From the United States and Europe, all the way to Israel and Africa, immigration is at the center of many fierce debates that do not seem to be […]

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Morality Versus Religion

Originally posted on Jewishvaluescenter.org   God comes to you and tells you to sacrifice your son. Or maybe that was a dream. But you are pretty sure that you were awake. You think. The last couple of times God had promised or told you something it generally made sense. Well, there was that one time […]

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