What is Judaism?

Last week, I was interviewing for a job at a pluralistic Jewish institution and was asked the following question: “About 10-15% of our students are not technically Jewish, so would you feel comfortable teaching them as if they were Jewish?” My immediate answer in the interview was a strong “yes,” followed by a short comment […]

The Jewish View on Jewish Views

I am still currently writing for another website, but still want to make the content accessible to people who access my work through this blog.  Again, I do not want to copy and paste the content given that I do not want to take away views from the other website, along with the fact that […]

Establishing a Foundation of Faith

If you are like me, you like to question things and really find reason, deeper meaning or truth in our world. The ability to question information or opinions that are presented to us is undoubtedly an important part of operating in today’s world.  Every day we are presented with an overload of information and we […]

Why I Blog?

  I have officially published my 40th piece on this blog, and I feel that at this point, some reflection is necessary. In the Tanakh, the number 40 signifies a generation or a complete cycle of time.  Moses was on the mountain for 40 days before given the Torah and the Jews had to wander […]