Establishing a Foundation of Faith

If you are like me, you like to question things and really find reason, deeper meaning or truth in our world. The ability to question information or opinions that are presented to us is undoubtedly an important part of operating in today’s world.  Every day we are presented with an overload of information and we […]

Why I Blog?

  I have officially published my 40th piece on this blog, and I feel that at this point, some reflection is necessary. In the Tanakh, the number 40 signifies a generation or a complete cycle of time.  Moses was on the mountain for 40 days before given the Torah and the Jews had to wander […]

Kiruv: What is Acceptable and What is Not

  I have been hearing about a lot of different Kiruv events around the LA area lately and I thought that I would take this time to give my two cents on Kiruv methods. The idea of trying to bring people close to/teach people about Judaism is a very noble one, however often times I […]

Purim and our Political Imperative

Purim is just around the corner, and with its approach I expect my Facebook feed to be full with half joking, half serious comparisons between the story of Esther and our current presidential situation.  However, I think that Purim can (in a very serious manner) teach us a very important lesson about the place of […]