Do-It-Yourself Kosher

Originally posted on A little over a month ago, the Israeli Supreme court made an important decision in regards to kashrut in Israel. For years, it was illegal for a restaurant to advertise or even imply that they upheld kosher standards unless they went through the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. This meant that the Rabbinate had […]

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A Jewish Perspective on Columbus Day versus Indigenous People’s Day

Originally posted on Another thing to add to the rampant bipartisanism within America is the debate over Columbus or Indigenous Peoples’ day. Opponents of Columbus Day argue that Columbus was a gold-hungry man who was willing to mercilessly enslave, shed blood and torture Native Americans to obtain riches. This is true. People on the pro-Columbus […]

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Freedom is Not Free

Originally posted on “he shall not bring the people back to Egypt..for the Lord said to you, “You shall not return that way any more.” (Deuteronomy 17:16) Week after week, Jews from around the world read the current parsha and try to find meaningful insights, ask interesting questions, or simply use it as a springboard […]

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On Kneeling, Kippot and National Anthems

Originally posted on For the past couple of years, my attention towards the NFL has been steadily decreasing. The games are extremely long with a surprisingly small amount of actual action, and I would generally rather spend my Sundays on a hike than watching television anyways. However, recently, the National Football League offered a form […]

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Why Kapparot Needs To Be Legal, By Someone Who Hates Kapparot

Originally posted on Every year right before Yom Kippur, various groups of Jews around the world practice a ritual where they swing a chicken around their head and then slaughter it, symbolically eradicating their year’s worth of sins.  This ritual, called kapparot, has become a pretty controversial issue both within Judaism and within the wider […]

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Who is Jewish?

  Perhaps one of the most divisive and important questions surrounding the Jewish community today is how to define Jewish identity, or more bluntly: how do we determine who is Jewish? We do not have to look far to see the ideological and practical significance to this question. Both with the advent of the modern […]

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Is There Anything All Jews Share?

Originally posted on We are in the middle of an age of intense disagreement. Between politics, religion, and other public topics – it seems that forming a consensus on anything is a lofty, if not impossible, goal. A couple of days ago I was on the phone with a friend and I was describing why […]

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Non-denominational or non-Orthodox?

Writer’s note: I wrote this article about two years ago for Ha’Am, UCLA’s Jewish student newspaper. Since that time I no longer identify as Orthodox, however I think that the sentiment expressed in this article is extremely valid and ever-timely. Today, I still keep Kosher for meat and even in the past couple of weeks […]

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