Moving On From Destruction

Originally posted on They say that history is written by the winners. This was the sentiment that I felt exactly two years ago when I was sitting under the Arch of Titus during this period known as the Three Weeks. The Three weeks is a period of time in which many Jews observe a low-level […]

American Jew or Jewish American?

Originally posted on Growing up, there was always the looming question of whether or not one was an American Jew or a Jewish American. The fundamental issue was whether one places their Jewish identity before their American identity, or vice versa. While this is a question I used to dedicate much thought to, I think […]

The Noble Path of the Modern Prophet

Originally posted on To be completely honest, I do not think that Halacha is something that must be followed in every instance. There are plenty of areas including LGBT rights, the Agunah problem, and many other moral imperatives that I believe override any Halachic consideration. However, one of the interesting things about not having […]

What is Judaism?

Last week, I was interviewing for a job at a pluralistic Jewish institution and was asked the following question: “About 10-15% of our students are not technically Jewish, so would you feel comfortable teaching them as if they were Jewish?” My immediate answer in the interview was a strong “yes,” followed by a short comment […]

The Jewish View on Jewish Views

Originally posted on   We have all heard the common phrase “there is no such thing as a stupid question”. While this may be true from the perspective of a student, an educator must be able to dig deeper and understand the gap in knowledge or reasoning that lies at the root of any […]