Non-denominational or non-Orthodox?

Writer’s note: I wrote this article about two years ago for Ha’Am, UCLA’s Jewish student newspaper. Since that time I no longer identify as Orthodox, however I think that the sentiment expressed in this article is extremely valid and ever-timely. Today, I still keep Kosher for meat and even in the past couple of weeks […]

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Intermarriage: The Beginning of the End

Originally posted on Believe me, I completely understand why a Jewish community would want to do away with the ethnocentric notion of Jewish “chosenness”. In our pluralistic society, it is extremely offensive and detrimental for any group to claim superiority in any way over any other group on the basis of identity alone. However, I […]

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Moving On From Destruction

Originally posted on They say that history is written by the winners. This was the sentiment that I felt exactly two years ago when I was sitting under the Arch of Titus during this period known as the Three Weeks. The Three weeks is a period of time in which many Jews observe a low-level […]

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American Jew or Jewish American?

Originally posted on Growing up, there was always the looming question of whether or not one was an American Jew or a Jewish American. The fundamental issue was whether one places their Jewish identity before their American identity, or vice versa. While this is a question I used to dedicate much thought to, I think […]

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The Noble Path of the Modern Prophet

Originally posted on To be completely honest, I do not think that Halacha is something that must be followed in every instance. There are plenty of areas including LGBT rights, the Agunah problem, and many other moral imperatives that I believe override any Halachic consideration. However, one of the interesting things about not having […]

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Separation of Church and State, or Separation of the ultra-Orthodox from Judaism?

  This past week the Israeli government went back on its plan to create an egalitarian prayer space due to the immense pressure coming from the ultra-Orthodox, or Haredi, community. This is by no means a unique or new occurrence. For years the ultra-Orthodox community has used their government sanctioned control of Judaism and the […]

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