My Favorite Talmudic Story

Originally posted on While I am not an overly emotional person, there are a couple of stories that get me every time. Now the Talmud is generally viewed as a dry and dense book filled with archaic debates and detailed descriptions of how to perform ancient rituals. And for the most part that’s exactly what […]

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Hanukkah: The Jewish Christmas?

Originally posted on “Happy Hanukkah!” I have begun to hear these words with increased frequency as I go about my daily schedule. This tells me Christmas is coming up. As I have spent my entire life wearing a kippah and living in an area with a small Jewish population, I generally receive about three “Happy […]

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How Religious Are You?

  There is something that needs to be clarified within the Orthodox (and perhaps even the wider) Jewish community and that is the term “religious”. It is not uncommon to hear people asking “how religious are you?” or “how religious is he/she?” when inquiring about an individual and their connection to Judaism. However, the terms […]

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No More Free Passes

Originally posted on A couple months ago Sam Harris, the prolific neuroscientist, author, and philosopher was featured in an intense debate with the creator of the Dilbert comics and vocal Trump supporter Scott Adams. The debate was centered around Trump’s character and whether or not he is morally fit to lead our country. Sam Harris […]

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Does This Offend You?

Originally posted on Imagine opening up your door to greet some trick-or-treaters on Halloween night or showing up to synagogue on Purim evening and seeing a nice 10 year-old girl dressed up as Anne Frank. Well, this is actually a realistic possibility, and a quick search on Amazon will leave you with multiple choices of […]

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Losing One’s Faith and One’s Family

Originally posted on There are certain points in one’s life where a person needs all the social support they can get, and one of these times is when someone loses their faith. Faith, or any type of religious conviction, provides neat philosophical and epistemological frameworks that helps one make sense of the world. Like a […]

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